Journalling For Growth Workshop
January 2020

Workshop Aim:

To demonstrate and show you how to write a journal that will ultimately enhance your life as well a encourage mental and emotional clarity and growth.

Workshop Duration:

A day course - (5 hours 11 - 4pm)

Workshop Instructors on the day:

Wain Gordon (Life Coach, Mindfulness practitioner and Well-being business owner) Oliver Cooper (Author, blogger, mentor)

Workshop Price: £80

Location - tbc:

This unique workshop is essentially about using the creative skill of writing to not only enhance our lives but to also transform it.

Creative writing is a very powerful tool, but one in which a lot of people are failing to utilise, and so are missing out on its multiple benefits. This workshop intends to change that!

As the workshop title suggests, we will not only show you how to construct an effective journal, but we will also show you how to create a powerful, daily 'To Do List'. It is our firm belief that the two will compliment each other and will go hand in hand in creating lasting growth and change.

This workshop will consist of a combination of theory and practical.

Some of the practicals will include - Relaxation and visulaisation techniques, Mindfulness and observation games , writing role-plays and more.

 Our aim is to create an environment that is highly conducive for learning and also fun and engaging at the same time.

Light snacks and drinks will be provided as well as some exciting free product giveaway, which include - 

Essential Oil Room sprays and Himalayan Trigger Salt

To book a place on this coure - contact us 07846 379 388

I will be offering a wide range of talks and workshops, all covering important aspects of personal development.

Below is a list of some of the topics that I will be discussing across the UK in 2018.

  • Identifying your natural talents as well as your purpose and potential.

  • Identifying and replacing the limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back.

  • Using your imagination more productively to get the results you want.

  • Gain conscious control of your thoughts and emotions.

  • Understanding the power of feelings.

  • How to visualise your goals and desires effectively​​.

  • How to find your 'Power State and become the best version of you.

  • How to achieve a deeper level of peace, calm and relaxation.

  • How to reduce stress quickly and effectively.

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