Whether or not its helping people relax, motivating people to take action, getting people to believe and trust in their abilities, encouraging  them to see beyond limitations or assisting them through general or personal challenges...I just find satisfaction in being of assistance to those who find it challenging to assist themselves.

Fortunately I feel I have been gifted with the ability to make people feel calm, relaxed and at peace in my presence.. I think it's for those reasons many feel comfortable opening up to me. They intuitively know they won't be judged and that I have a genuine interest in them and in all they have to share. They seem to have an inner sense that I understand them and that I can be trusted with their innermost thoughts and feelings. This allows me to build rapport quickly and connect with them on deep, authentic, meaningful levels.

My experience, training and personal research into areas such as consciousness, meditation, mindfulness and various other therapies proved and still proves to be key. It made sense that I now use all the skills, talents, knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired over the years to help relax, motivate, inspire, guide, assist and share insights with those who will find value in all I have to offer.

Essentially I want to continue being of service to people, I just want to do it on a bigger scale and in a more organised, productive and beneficial way. Its for this reason, 'Time To Relax' was born

I look forward to hopefully talking with you soon.

Warm regards



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