Are You Addicted To Stress?

March 11, 2018


I relax people and help calm and clear busy, overactive minds for a living. What I also do is show people effective ways in which they can maintain that calm peaceful state of mind, even in the midst of challenges.


Unfortunately though, I find that helping people maintain that state is noticeably harder than helping them reach it during a session with me. The main reason for this is that many people have almost become addicted to the stress, pain or anxiety that they feel. In a way its become a normal, familiar state that paradoxically brings them comfort and pain at the same time. This is a big reason why so many find it such a struggle to change the circumstances in their lives that are 'stressing them out' or 'apparently' making them miserable.


For others its the fact that they feel guilty for not having anything to threat, worry or stress about. Its almost as if they equate having a calm, peaceful mind with somehow being lazy or unproductive. There's a deep belief that only 'hippie types' with no drive or ambition would feel comfortable with nothing to stress about. So for this category of people It feels too unnatural to have nothing to complain about, and therefore on a deeper level they subconsciously create and welcome situations and circumstances in their lives that give them the opportunity to stress or complain.


Some people are just not even aware that there is a different way to feel. They genuinely don't even believe that it is possible to have a calm, peaceful mind, or a life that isn't filled with just things to stress or worry over. Often they don't even believe they deserve or are worthy of having a happy, stress free life too. This s is largely because they've grown up watching everyone around them stressing over this or that and so consequently believe they should endure the same fate...after-all, they are no better or different than them, right. Why should they deserve a better life?!


The point I'm ultimately making is that there are a number of reasons why you may currently be living a life that is filled with stress, pain or sadness, and not all of those reasons are as obvious as they may initially seem.


Not only are some of the reasons not obvious, but some aren't even identifiable unless you really take the time to dig deep,  look inwards and be honest with yourself. Even then you may not identify them all so you may need to seek the help of someone that can assist you in discovering what the reasons, beliefs, blocks are that you're carrying which are preventing you from expressing your true potential and living a happy, productive, peaceful life.


Either way, regardless of your stress levels... I think we all can benefit from going inwards and checking in to see what may be causing us mental/emotional discomfort, or preventing us from living the life we truly desire.


If this is something you would like to do but are uncertain of how to do it, then please get in contact. The main reason I created 'Time To Relax' was to help and assist you do just that.

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