We All Need To Relax More...

September 20, 2017


I think we can safely agree that life can be pretty stressful at times… Sometimes it feels like we’re being hit with fresh challenges almost on a daily basis.


Then there are the older issues that may not have been fully resolved which seem to resurface and confront us when we least want them to.


Life sometimes feels as if it fires stuff at us from all angles at times and this can feel very unsettling, or sometimes even overwhelming. But we wade our way through the challenges and if we ‘e lucky we get to a point where the scales have tipped and everything seems to be going well for a while. But just as soon as we begin to settle into this stress free zone, things begin to shift again and we get hit from an angle or angles we just didn’t expect!  This can leave us feeling like we’re back to square one once again…and so the cycle continues.


I think it’s fair to say, a totally stress free life, especially in today’s climate seems almost impossible to achieve. Even if you did have that dream partner, millions in the bank and be in top health. The uncontrolled mind, along with situations out of our control will still create issues, stresses and challenges for us to navigate through. This being the case, it makes good sense that we at least learn to manage and deal with the stresses that confront us, so we don’t fall victim to them, like so many do. It’s also important we deal with them in a non self-destructive way like masking the pain with drugs, alcohol…or an array of pharmaceuticals that we may find ourselves stuck on for life.


This is the primary reason why I created Time To Relax… I wanted to create a service that would not only assist you into entering deeper states of relaxation then you may ordinarily be used to …but would also offer guidance, workshops and other tools, like our 'subliminal relaxation CD’s' that would help you maintain that relaxed, calm state, no matter what situation or circumstance presents itself to you.


Deep down I firmly believe that we all have the ability to reach deep levels of calm, but I also believe we’ve lost our way a little. As a result we now find ourselves in a situation where we have forgotten how to reach these relaxed states by ourselves anymore. In fact I also believe that on some level we have become so accustomed to the stress that we almost consistently feel, we often convince ourselves that we aren’t stressed at all, but the sad fact is, to some degree nearly all of us are.


If you feel like you are at the stage where you would like to work at calming your mind and dealing with your stresses and challenges in a healthy, holistic and productive way. I sincerely invite you to make contact so we can discuss what we may be able to do for you. I am more than confident that the services offered will be extremely beneficial for both your body and mind and will be the catalyst needed for you to begin the journey of self discovery and self help.

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