Guided Relaxation


What is guided Relaxation/Meditation?
Guided Relaxation/Meditation is a process by which you will be verbally guided into a state of pure relaxation.
The verbal guidance I offer will incorporate  elements of...
Mindfulness, Meditation, Creative Visualisation and Breathing Techniques and will be given to you whilst you sit or lay comfortably with your eyes closed in a room filled with the subtle aroma of essential oils, whilst relaxing music plays quietly in the background. 
As we progress through the session you will find any physical and mental tension, stress or anxiety begin to slowly dissolve as your mind begins to re-balance and calm and your body becomes increasingly still and relaxed.
The overall aim at this point will be to not only familiarise your body and mind with this calm, peaceful, relaxed state, but to also get you to center yourself within the present moment so you can explore your inner self and potential.
 In addition to that I will also help you shift your subconscious perception of yourself so your mind naturally identifies and expresses a more calm, confident, focused, empowered version of you.

What results can I expect from this service and how will it benefit me?
You can expect to reach deep levels of inner calm, peace, balance and relaxation. As a result, over a short period of time you will begin to experience some of the many benefits associated with deep relaxation. Some of which include...
Stress reduction.
Lower blood pressure.
Improved sleep quality
Improved concentration.
Reduced anger and frustration.
Decreased symptoms of anxiety.
Increased general well being.
A more positive, mindset
More creativity.
In addition to these benefits you will also find yourself feeling more confident, sharp, focused, balanced and grounded as we tap into your inner self and your hidden potential. 
You will also notice that you start to have more control over your thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as your reactions to people or situations that may threaten to disturb your peace
The benefits to this service are literally endless.
Are there any age restrictions?
I offer this service to anyone aged 8 and above...although anyone under 16 must have an adult present during the session.

How many times do you recommend visiting you?
Personally I would recommend a minimum of 4 visits, even though you will notice immediate benefits after the first session. Some clients prefer to build an ongoing relationship with me and factor me into their lifestyle plan by seeing me on an ongoing weekly basis. Others tend to book me as and when they feel the need for deep rest, to de-stress or when they are in need of some mental clarity, balance and focus.

After the first session we can have a talk about the options that would seem most suitable for you.
My services are completely flexible and there is no obligation to return, although I am sure you will want to.
Who can benefit from this service?
Everyone on some level would benefit from being able to relax more and to a much deeper level, especially if you work or live in a stressful environment. But specifically I would say the following people would really benefit from what I do...
Those going through a bereavement or a break up.
Those recovering from, or working through an illness or an injury.
Those training for an event, exam, tournament or competition.
Women going through pregnancy.
Those who's jobs depend on them to be calm,  centered, focused and assertive.
Those who feel they may be developing depression or anxiety.
Those who struggle to unwind or get to sleep.
Those who are ready to experience life with a calm, positive mind state.
Those who want to become more present.
Those who want to explore more of their potential.
Those who want to know themselves on a much deeper level.
Those who are ready to break destructive patterns.
There is no end to those who can benefit from what I do.
Will I be required to remove any clothing?
I recommend you remove your coat and shoes, but that is it. 
I also advise that you wear comfortable clothing.
Will there be any touching involved?
Apart from a warm hand shake when we meet, no, none what so ever.
I would like a Guided Relaxation session with my friends or family, is that possible?
Yes, I offer group sessions for between 2 and 10 people.
Groups could include... 
You and friends.
You and your partner
You and family members
You and your children
You and your co-workers
I've notice that individuals that have a session together seem to feel more connected with each other by the end of the session.
Do you offer home visits?
Yes I do, although only If your home environment is conducive for a relaxation session and if a number of other conditions are met. For more information about home visits, please send me a message.
Do you offer a form of after care package?
I certainly do. After our session I will give you access to the 'aftercare' page on my website which will give you realistic tips and advice on how to maintain a peaceful, empowered state of mind; I will also give you access to my online 'empowerment audios' and I will also make myself available via email or messenger should you have any questions or feel you could benefit from some additional guidance.
I have also created a 'Time To Relax' Facebook Group where you can use to communicate with myself or other like minded people.
Do you work with businesses?
Yes, I am happy to work with team/staff members or managers to increase and maintain productivity in the work place. 
My aim is to not only get you relaxed and relieve stress, but to also provide individuals with the tools that will assist them in being able to manage stress and remain focused when working under pressure.
Do you offer any additional services other than guided relaxation?
Yes we also offer workshops and short courses designed to show you how to regain control of your mind, emotions and feelings, as well as how to access what I  like to call 'your power state' so you can express more of your potential.

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