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Empowerment Audio Review
By Dr Ian Baillie
5 main benefits of affirmations
  • They keep the mind focused on your goals and priorities.

  • Positive affirmations/statements make you feel positive, energetic, active and empowered, and therefore put you in a better position to move forwards positively and productively.

  • They motivate and inspire you to take positive action.​​

  • They combat and counteract the effects of limiting beliefs and negative self talk/affirmations.

  • They re-program your thought patterns and change the way you think and feel about things.

 5 Tips for using affirmations
If you need any help or advice regarding using affirmations, please don't hesitate to get in touch, I am happy to work with you to attain amazing results.
  • When listening to these audios, use your imagination and your ability to pretend to act as if all what you’re hearing about yourself is completely true. Really tap into the feelings that you would get if they were true. Your feelings are what will make these affirmations really effective.

  • If you really have trouble accepting these positive affirmations, because they seem too disbelieving to you, you can either pretend the affirmations are talking about a you in the future who it is believable for, or contact me so we can create a personalised affirmation for you that will be easier for your mind to accept.

  • You can listen to these audios as often as you like, but I would recommend you listen to them at least twice a day whilst in a receptive/relaxed state, like mornings or just before bed. Some people choose to listen to them whilst commuting, driving, exercising, doing the housework or whilst out in nature or relaxing in a nice warm bath. Wherever you choose to listen to them, just be responsible and make sure the environment is safe for you to do so.

  • Listening to these affirmations right after a 'face to face' guided relaxation session with me seems to work well for most people and seems to produce better results. Reason being is the guided relaxation really relaxes the body and mind so makes it easier for the affirmations to be accepted by the mind without too much resistance.

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