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We supply high quality, unique, wellness gift & subscription packages
to cater for all your feel good needs. 

Gift Packages:


Our wellness Gift packages can be an absolutely fantastic gift to yourself, or for anyone who would benefit from showing themselves more self love.They are also a thoughtful way to show those who are suffering from stress, or simply going through difficult times, that you care.

Lets have a look and see what's inside our unique, gift packages...

12 quality Items and access to

free online content,

all for £49.99

1x Creme Ceramic Oil Burner:

1x Pack of Scented Tea Light Candles:

1x Pack of Simmering, Scented Granules: 

3x Himalayan Aroma Scent Bottles:

3x Lavender packets:

1x Hematite Crystal

1x Chakra Bracelet:

2x Sage Bundles:

1x Pack of Incense Sticks:

1x 50ml Massage Oil:

1x Pack of Herbal Tea:

1x Relaxing Eye Mask

1x Mindfulness Book:

Access to Online Relaxing Playlist:

Access to Online Guided Relaxation:

Hamper Gift Package

Gift Box 2: 8 items £24.99

Arrives in wooden Gift box:


3x Himalayan Aroma Scent Bottles:  

3x Lavender Packets:

1x Hematite Crystal

1x 50mlMassage Oil:

Lavender Roller Ball

4 Sachets of Herbal Tea

Access to online Relaxing Playlist:

Access to online Guided Relaxation:

Cleanse Your Space kit:


White Sage: x2 smudge bundles




Tea Tree essential oil

Hematite Crystal

Aroma Bottles

Access to online tutorial

(How to cleanse a room or yourself)

Himalayan, Aromatherapy, Scent Bottles

Most of us have gargled with salt water, but, perhaps have never considered the idea of inhaling salt. But the truth is, inhaling salt has a rich, healing history that dates back to ancient Greece.


When the Salt is inhaled, the minute salt particles travel through the entire respiratory system. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties purify and detox the lungs and sinuses as it does so.

Inhaling pink salt is touted as a safe therapy that benefits a large number of respiratory ailments. It is said that the salt cleanses the respiratory system and speeds up the elimination of toxins.

According to health expert, Dr. Edward Group, additional benefits for inhaling pink salt may also include...

  • Lowering your blood pressure

  • Deepening your capacity to breathe

  • Promoting mental calmness

  • Promoting a sounder sleep

  • Reducing or eliminating night coughs

  • Reducing snoring and other breath-related sleeping conditions

WE'VE TAKEN THINGS ONE STEP FURTHER, we soak our Pink, Himalayan crystal salt in PURE ESSENTIAL OIL! Each oil comes with its own additional, unique smells and benefits and also helps carry the salt even deeper into the lungs, sinuses and system

Our product is called Himalayan, Aromatherapy, Smelling Salts 

Its a small glass bottle with a cork top, filled with Himalayan Crystal which would be soaked in one of our selection of Pure essential oils.

Simply carry this cute little bottle in your bag, purse or pocket and gently remove the cork, then place bottle under your nose and take a few deep inhalations to either lift your mood, relax or energise you. (depending on what Aroma bottle you purchase).

You can even keep a bottle by your bedside table so you can conveniently inhale in the morning or evenings before you go to sleep.

Depending on your particular need, we have an Aroma Bottle, specifically for you!!


Not only are these bottles extremely cute, but the smells are absolutely amazing, plus of course the natural benefits of the oils and salt combined are too many to mention.



£9 PER BOX  (3 Smelling Salts in each box)

Relax and Breathe: £9


2.Ylang Ylang



Summer Gardens: £9




Energise Me: £9

1.Black pepper



Cleanse Me: £9

1.Tea Tree



Winter Warm Up: £9




Add an extra £3.99 to any of the above packages and receive a 

Chakra Bracelet & Hematite Crystal

Total price £12.99

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