While you sit or lay comfortably I will use a combination of  'Mindfulness', 'Creative Visualisation' and Breathing Techniques to help calm, quieten and balance your mind, whilst mentally guiding you into a state of deep, peaceful, relaxation and presence.

Not only will this help relieve stress, tension and anxiety, but after a few sessions it will also help you access and express a more balanced, focused, empowered version of yourself.  

This unique service will benefit anyone in need of deep mental, physical or emotional rest, and anyone wanting to gain more control over their thoughts, feelings and reactions whilst manifesting more of their

inner potential.

From £40 - per session

Home visits now available 

Questions & Answers

I welcome you all to come down and relax with me in one of my beautiful locations. I have no doubt that you will leave feeling calm, balanced and grounded with a strong sense of inner peace, calm and well being.

Allow 'Time To Relax' to be part of your 'self love' plan.

£12.00 per person (1 hr session)

Questions & Answers

For additional information, or to make a booking, simply contact me directly.

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